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Has a medical professional stated they cannot help you and have done all that they can for you?

Is the only option pain medication or just putting up with the pain you currently have?


If so then read on because things can be different for you!


Pain originates in the brain from where the signal is sent to the injury or site of pain. For example if you break your arm, the brain generates the pain and sends it to your arm so that you become aware of the pain and can then do something about it. Sometimes the source of pain is not physical, it’s emotional. You may have experienced an emotional situation, which at the time protected the body.


Ordinarily whether the pain is physical or emotional when the body has healed, the signal is then turned off taking the pain away… but not always.


As an OldPain2Go practitioner I can facilitate you to turn off this ‘old’ pain. Sometimes your brain needs a reminder that the damage is healed, or that no more can be done physically and/or medically, in both cases the pain is no longer necessary.

I’ve worked with patients who have had pain for many years and the pain is released in a single session and relatively quickly. More complex pain can take longer.


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