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Creative Counselling

Where talking may sometimes feel too challenging or finding the right words to express yourself too difficult, working creatively can offer a new dimension to exploring your problems. Creative Counselling uses a variety of genres:  working with stones, buttons, cards, sound, art, photographs or images inside your own mind to help you to understand your inner world and experience. Some sessions may be spent talking and listening and others working in a creative way; it is always a free choice.


It is not necessary to be artistic in any technical sense - we all have a creative side, but have often not been encouraged to use this in our everyday lives. Creative Therapy offers a safe space to explore feelings in an imaginative way. Every image made tells its own story and is a valid expression for the individual - you do not need to be an artist.


Using different creative methods helps to access experiences at a sensory level - certain fragrances or songs often evoke memories or feelings, for example. This can act as a bridge to the unconscious, offering new insights.


Creative Therapy is suitable for adults and children, both individually and in groups.

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